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Having cloned a git repo I want to retrieve all commits associated with a certain file, printed out each one in a separate file.

This must have something to do with git log or git format patch.


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You can use git rev-list to retrieve sha1 of all commit touching a path:

$ git rev-list --all -- path

This will give you a list sha1 of each commit that touch that path. If you want the commit message and patches, you can use git log:

$ git log --all -- path
$ git log --all -p -- path
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To get them all in separate files, the easiest thing is probably something like: git rev-list [--all] -- <path> | while read c; do git log -1 -p $c -- <path> > $c.patch; done. If you want to be able to tell what order they go in, you might want to add a counter on there like format-patch does. (Unfortunately, format-patch doesn't seem to be able to do patches only for single files.) – Jefromi Feb 3 '11 at 17:21

If you want to see the changes made to a file at each commit you can use the 'whatchanged' command

git whatchanged [options] <file>

Check out this tutorial for creating and applying patches

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