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Hey, I am trying to install ejabberd on a local machine,runs windows-vista (that as the first step in developing a web chat application; then I would go dabble with jaxl library and jquery/strophe for the chat application).

I downloaded ejabberd windows installer from here. I run(double click) the installer, it opens a empty window, that is all. I looked into the services(in task manager, in control panel), i see nothing in the sorts of its name. Any idea what could be wrong or how to know if it is installed.


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Go to start, run, and type cmd to open a command prompt.

CD to your ejabberd\bin folder. Mine in “D:\Program Files (x86)\ejabberd-2.1.9\bin”.

Then run the following command:

ejabberdctl status

You should see something like this “The node ejabberd@localhost is started with status: started ejabberd 2.1.9 is running in that node”

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On windows 7, make sure you run the setup file as an administrator.

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