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I did followed this blog here and here.

And i have the following problem.

One field in my form is currecy format, from brazil. I'm using client-side validation. Everything works great expept one issue.

I have 2 validation:

[DisplayName("Taxa de adesão")]
[MoedaReal(ErrorMessage = "Taxa deve ser numérico")]        
[Required(ErrorMessage = "Taxa é obrigatório")]
public decimal ValorAdesao { get; set; }

The rule REQUIRED works ok, the MoedaReal rule works okay. After these rules are passed ok, one final rule is triggered:

  • The field Taxa de adesão must be a number

I already tried to change the web.config in this line:

<globalization culture="pt-br" uiCulture="pt-br" />

My numbers format accepcted are these:


How can i "fool" .NET to accept this format? Because it expects DECIMAL format instead.

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You can't fool the default model binder. It simply tries to parse the request string value into a decimal using the culture specified in your web.config. So because you are also using client validation there might be a culture difference between the client and the server. For example the browser could be configured to use en-US and the server pt-BR and then you might have a problem. You could try this:

<globalization culture="auto" uiCulture="auto" />

This means that the culture used by the server will be dictated by the client. If this doesn't work you have a couple of other possibilities:

  • Write a custom model binder
  • Use string instead of decimal and then do the parsing manually
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Using string solved all the problem. It didnt cross my mind! thanks –  Ismael Feb 4 '11 at 17:46

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