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I have written some snippets for an application that uses the new bsd license. I used to release my snippets with the WTFPL.

If it is not compatible, what do I have to do?

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Compatible in which direction? Anything licensed under the WTFPL can be included in BSD code. However the warranty disclaimer in BSD code means that you can't include BSD code in WTFPL code. But any piece of code that you wrote, even if it is meant to be used with BSD code, is yours and you're free to license it in any way you want, including WTFPL. Of course if the whole is being distributed, the most restrictive license applies. Which would be the BSD.

If you're getting near a boundary, for instance your code is yours but you copied ideas liberally from some BSD code so it might be a derivative work, then to be perfectly safe you can talk to a lawyer. (Which I am not.) Of course it only really matters if the author of the BSD code objects to what you have done.

Note that I, personally, would respect the BSD license, but on a borderline case would lean towards saying that the BSD person won't object. Particularly if we're just talking about snippets of code. This position is not necessarily legally defensible, but in practice you're unlikely to run into trouble.

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Well in fact the only "derivative" work I do here, is: 'My_Class_WTFPL extends Some_BSD_Licensed_Class' and use some of its components. –  Marco Feb 4 '11 at 10:52
@Marco: I've seen lawyers disagree about how derivative that is. The FSF's interpretation of the GPL would claim that it is a derivative work. But in practice, I doubt anyone will ever object. –  btilly Feb 4 '11 at 18:28

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