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Is it possible to generate "connect by" for many rows in table and sum them all. I have a table

person boss
person1 NULL
person2 person1
person3 person2

And i want to get table

boss is_boss_of
person1 person2
person1 person3
person2 person3

I would like to make connect by expression for everyone in table person-boss? Is there any way to make it?

Saying about sum i thought about something like this

SELECT CONNECT_BY_ROOT person as boss, person as is_boss_of
            FROM table1
            START WITH boss = person1
            CONNECT BY PRIOR Empno = Mgr;
SELECT CONNECT_BY_ROOT person as boss, person as is_boss_of
            FROM table1
            START WITH boss = person2
            CONNECT BY PRIOR Empno = Mgr;
and so on
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hard to understand what you want. Do you really mean there to be a row p1 p3 ? are you trying to SUM something? –  Randy Feb 3 '11 at 18:44
What version of Oracle? 11g R2+ supports recursive WITH (now ANSI), but CONNECT BY has been supported since v2. –  OMG Ponies Feb 3 '11 at 21:09

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After seeing your update, you just need to drop the START WITH.

End update

CONNECT_BY_ROOT is what you're looking for

This statement

SELECT distinct RootBoss, Person FROM (
with employee  as 
  Select 1 person , null boss from Dual
  UNION Select 2 , 1 from dual
  UNION Select 3 , 2 from dual
SELECT CONNECT_BY_ROOT boss RootBoss, person
FROM employee connect_by

  connect by prior person = boss
  ORDER BY person

  ) t
WHERE ROOTBOSS is not null
RootBoss, Person


ROOTBOSS               PERSON                 
---------------------- ---------------------- 
1                      2                      
1                      3                      
2                      3        

Adding SUMS and GROUPS is pretty easy

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