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I want to make a system where java client programs send images to a central server. The central server saves them and runs a website that uses these images.

How should I send the images and how should I receive them? Can I use the same webserver for receiving and displaying the website?

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You need 3 things:

  1. Upload client Need to know how to do multipart upload. See here
  2. Upload Server There are a couple of ways. Apache Commons Upload is my pet.
  3. Displaying File It's easy. If the files are uploaded somewhere under your web-app directory outside of WEB-INF directory. Just give the path like http://your/apps/base/url/folderName and the listing will come-up for download.

    There are ways to secure that. But I donot think you need to know that at this stage. By the way this may help.

And yes, same server can be used to upload and display (download) the images/files.

Hope this helps.

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