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Can anybody suggest me serious tutorial on Snap or book? Can you share your impressions about Snap? I have experience with web programming, but I started learn Haskell and it is great, so I want to wrote site using my new favorite language?

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There are definitely no books on Snap. Like all Haskell web frameworks, it's in its early stages.

That said, Snap is a nice clean way to build web applications, and the documentation is very good. Visit and click the documentation link. There are tutorials for both Snap itself, and the Heist template engine. There's also a link in the download section to the Snap framework's own web site as a Snap application, which is fairly clean, and a decent way to learn about building simple web applications in Snap.

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Both Happstack and Yesod have been around a while. Yesod has a good number of tutorials and screencasts, as well as extensive (though not yet completed) documentation

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