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I'am trying to debug unicode C++ application in Eclipse (Helios 3.6.1, CDT 7.0). It is impossible to watch value of any variable of type std::wstring - only address in the memory available in the watch window.

I found one solution, but it works only in GDB, if we add in .gdbinit script the next function:

define pwstring

    if $argc == 0
        help pwstring
        printf "WString \t\t= \"%ls\"\n", $arg0._M_data()
        printf "WString size/length \t= %u\n", $arg0._M_rep()->_M_length
        printf "WString capacity \t= %u\n", $arg0._M_rep()->_M_capacity
        printf "WString ref-count \t= %d\n", $arg0._M_rep()->_M_refcount

by entering comman pwstring we get a value it contains. But it is not friendly. Does anybody know how to watch std::wstring value in Eclipse watch window?

Thanks, Aleksey

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