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I am using Devise for user registrations and would like to construct a 'show user' page corresponding to the show action in the users controller. Without Devise, one would simply add the line 'resources :users' in routes.rb. But since I don't want duplicate signin, signup etc pages, I cannot use resources :users, and the show user page must be constructed manually. How is this done?

In the users controller, I imagine a simple action like this is necessary:

def show
  @user = User.find(params[:id])

The view can also contain something simple:

<%= @user.name %>, <%= @user.email %>

But it is the routes file that I do not understand. Something like:

match '/user', :to => 'users#show'

doesn't work as you get the error 'Couldn't find User without an ID'.

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I've used devise_for :users and resources :users in the same app with no problems at all - mainly for being able to admin users via a backend - you could always limit the resource to just the show method if that's all you need

resources :users, :only => ["show"]
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