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I'm looking for examples of how others have created a RESTful service that supports deleting multiple entities of the same type in a single request. For example if I were writing an email service I may want to be able to delete multiple messages at the same time.

One way to handle this could be have a resource that is defined as "a collection that contains the mail items identified by the specified id values". This resource could have the following interface:

GET /api/mail/1;2;5;38 - return the collection of items DELETE /api/mail/1;2;5;38 - delete the collection of items

Is this a common way of handling multiple deletes? What are some other ways people have seen this done?

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It feels a little odd because the RESTful URI doesn't name a "resource", but rather a collection of resources.

While it feels a little odd, I think there are no better ways to specify that kind of "collection".

We do things like that also -- some of our path levels are "ranges" or "sets" or "filter functions".

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I guess I think of a collection of resources as a resource itself. – Larry Foulkrod May 16 '12 at 5:12

Perhaps you can define a new resource that represents a collection of the resources that have been marked for deletion, and then delete that resource to delete them?

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