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I have those two tables, Artist and Pseudonym, Artist belongsTo Pseudonym

I'd like to join the two tables and sort the result on Artist.lastname. Now, if he has a pseudonym, the pseudonym should be used, like in the example below, Balthus is between BACON and CHAGAL, even if his lastname starts with K

Artist.Lastname     Pseudonym.name
KLOSSOWSKI          Balthus

Is it possible to make a virtual column that has the pseudo if not empty or the lastname, and then sort on that column?

SELECT .....
FROM Artists as a
LEFT JOIN Pseudonyms as p ON (a.pseudonym_id = p.id)
ORDER BY the_virtual_column
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First of all thank you all. I'll check also the link –  kaklon Feb 4 '11 at 7:46

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...ORDER BY COALESCE(p.name, a.Lastname)
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Try this:

SELECT ..... 
  FROM Artists as a LEFT JOIN Pseudonyms as p 
    ON (a.pseudonym_id = p.id) 
 ORDER BY COALESCE(p.name , a.Lastname)
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