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So I have two frames. One is sort of file index and it just points to a specific coordinates on the second frame. So here is part of the first frame:

<ul class="lista">
    <li><a class="locind" href="javascript:window.scroll(570,800);" target ="showframe">Location A</a></li>

So what I basically have is just a hyperlink pointing to a frame named showframe. I designated that frame as you usually do:

<frame src="map.html" name="showframe" id="showframe" >

So the point is, in FireFox it works just fine. In Chrome however, it will not point to those coordinates in "showframe" frame, but will point to the coordinates in that frame where link is located. So, why is target="showframe" not working in Chrome?

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I can't say for sure if either Firefox or Chrome is right, but your code is ambiguous because window could refer to either the current frame or the target frame depending on where the JavaScript is executed. You can remove this ambiguity by directly referencing your target frame:

function myScroll(id, x, y) {
  document.getElementById(id).contentWindow.scroll(x, y);

<li><a class="locind" href="javascript:myScroll('showframe', 570,800);" >Location A</a></li>
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Thank you for the answer, however, now when I click on the link nothing happens in chrome and ff, as if can't find that frame. Do I have to add some additional parameters to the frame? – vedran Feb 4 '11 at 1:26

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