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I have created an upstart script in order to daemonize juggernaut (a node.js app) The upstart script is the following

description "juggernaut server"
author      "panojsee"

start on startup
stop on shutdown

    # We found $HOME is needed. Without it, we ran into problems
    #export HOME="/home/ubuntu/src/juggernaut"
    chdir /home/ubuntu/src/juggernaut
    exec sudo /usr/bin/node server.js 2>&1 >> /var/log/node.log
end script

As you can see I want to run node with sudo (so that I can use Flash sockets). My monit script is the following:

set logfile /var/log/monit.log

check host juggernaut with address
    start program = "/sbin/start juggernaut"
    stop program  = "/sbin/stop juggernaut"
    if failed port 8080 protocol HTTP
        request /
        with timeout 10 seconds
        then restart

Monit does not allow me to have start program = "sudo /sbin/start juggernaut" Once I kill juggernaut (node) then monit tries to restart it but dies with the following message.

[UTC Feb  3 22:48:25] error    : 'nodejs' failed, cannot open a connection to INET[] via TCP
[UTC Feb  3 22:48:25] info     : 'nodejs' trying to restart
[UTC Feb  3 22:48:25] info     : 'nodejs' stop: sudo
[UTC Feb  3 22:48:25] error    : Error: Could not execute sudo
[UTC Feb  3 22:48:25] info     : 'nodejs' start: sudo

Any clue how can I tell monit to execute a sudo command ?

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I think you should run nodeJS with dedicated user then remove "exec sudo" from the starting script, and tell monit directly which user you would like to use.

start program = "/sbin/start juggernaut" as uid user-id

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Just start Monit with sudo and of course add monit to sudoers

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Check what user monit is running as. Is that user configured to run sudo? Check also if sudo has reported any errors (probably in /var/log/messages).

I found this answer to be very helpful in figuring out monit behavior.

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