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I have some logger class in C++. This logger is heavily used in my library. The logger allows to set standart STL stream to use as output stream.

Python library which uses "above SWIG wrapped C++ library" heavily uses python standard logging with StreamHandler. Something like:

logger = logging.getLogger("base_logger")

#create and set console handler
ch = logging.StreamHandler()
ch.stream = sys.stdout

How to pass a python stream to C++ library as STL stream using SWIG?

So one could make C++ to use your python stream. Something like:

ch = logger.handlers[NEEDED_HANDLER]
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Technically, you need to implement a swig typemap (in) that converts the python stream object into an std::ostream. However, I fear that this is highly non-trivial.

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Yes. And that is, actually, the question. –  MajesticRa Mar 17 '11 at 16:33

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