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I was wondering if I can write self closing elements like in XHTML in HTML5, for example, <input type="email"> can be <input type="email" />, and will it still validate? And is this the correct way to code HTML5 web pages?

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HTML5 can either be coded as XHTML, or as HTML 4. It's flexible that way.

As to which is the correct way, that's a preference. I suspect that many web designers into standards are used to XHTML and will probably continue to code that way.

You can go straight to: http://html5.validator.nu/ to validate your code, or if you have the right doctype, the official W3C site will use it for you.

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Self-closing tags may lead to some parsing errors. Look at this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

While it is perfectly valid HTML4, it is invalid in HTML5. W3C validation complains about <div/>:

Self-closing syntax (/>) used on a non-void HTML element. Ignoring the slash and treating as a start tag.

If innermost self-closed div is treated as start tag, it breaks whole structure, so be careful.

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Either will work, just try to be consistent.

Same goes for quoting attributes - I've read tutorials that discourage quoting one word attribute variables. I would quote them all, at least for consistency (unless you have a popular web app where every byte is precious).

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