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I need to connect to an SQL database to see how many records it is holding. I cannot access phpmyadmin and no one seems to know the host name or port. All I have is the username and database name.

How can I find the information I need?

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Find someone, anyone, who can connect to the database you need to connect to.

Then you can examine their setup - and connect to the same place.

Otherwise, you're into port-scanning across the machines in your network. Beware of intrusion detection systems. Be clever about it. And scan your machine(s) first.

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If it's on the same computer that you are working on, then the hostname is localhost and the port is default (3306).

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...or if you have terminal/console access to the machine the database is running on, run the command:

mysql -u<user> -p<password> -d<database>

to log on to the database.

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if it is on your network you can scan for the default SQL port that Mikhail has referred to.

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