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This is really a question about naming conventions.

I have a model called PromotedEvents

The file is called promoted_events.rb

I created the table with:

create_table :promoted_events do |t|

Now I'm having problems creating anything, so I'm wondering if theres some problem using model with two words

im in the console and tried

a =

a =

a =

and keep getting a nameerror : uninitialized constant error

Any ideas?

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Your class should be singlular.

Name it PromotedEvent in the file promoted_event.rb

a =
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What is the terminal command to create a 2 word model? is it rails generate model Model_Name or some other combination? Are both words supposed to be capitalized? Do I put the underscore when generating the model? – tbaums Feb 21 '11 at 7:10
I think you can use either ModelName or model_name, and the right magic will happen. But Model_Name is not right (camel case or underscores, not ever both). Think of it like creating the model class, so it would be singular since it has to match the class name. – Alex Wayne Feb 21 '11 at 8:25
Yes, @AlexWayne is right. Both CamelCase or under_score usage is correct according to the model generator description. – vlz Nov 23 '13 at 12:48
thanks, working for me. – Himanshu Patel Jan 27 '14 at 20:20

Model names are singular and camel case like so pe =

the file should be promoted_event.rb

Controllers are plural


constants are ALL_CAPS

locals are separated_by_underscores_and_lowercase

table names are plural 'SELECT * FROM promoted_events`

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what about attributes within the model. i.e. rails g model PromotedEvent name_of_event:string --------------> or should it be NameOfEvent:string ? any ideas of what is the syntax is here ? – BKSpurgeon Jun 22 at 3:43

If it helps, I always think of it like this:

The model name is singular because it represents a single, specific thing. So, PromotedEvent is a specific promoted event that has a name, date, etc.

The table name on the other hand is plural. This is because the table stores a collection of these singular items. So, promoted_events.

In rails, filenames are mostly a matter of convention since ruby has pretty lax rules in this regard, but generally it's class_name.rb. This page might help you get a better overview of what conventions are used where and what is specific to Ruby versus Rails.

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If you are an extreme rails n00b like me, then you will want to remember to create a class definition for your newly created table and place it in app/models.

It would go like

class LargeCat < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :zoo
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