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Is there a built in cursor that will show the "arrow plus hourglass" mouse pointer that is used when windows is working in the background, yet still allowing you to click on things? I know about WAIT_CURSOR, but I don't see anything like this. Do I need to make a custom cursor to get the hourglass-pointer combo?

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I asked something similar a while ago: stackoverflow.com/questions/4042678/… –  keuleJ Dec 23 '12 at 11:23

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I don't see a built-in cursor that does this. All the pre-defined cursors reside here:

as you may well know.

You will need to create a custom cursor or find someone who has already done this. Here's a website showing you how to build your own custom cursor: http://blog.codebeach.com/2008/02/using-custom-cursors-in-java.html


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