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Hey, I am working in networking reliability simulation, I need to simulate packet dropping based on a quality of service percentage. Currently I have a DLL that hooks into send, sendto, recv and recvfrom. My hooks then 'drop' packets based on the quality of service.

I just need to apply the hook to UDP packets, and not disturb TCP (TCP is used for remote debugging).

Is there a way that I can query WinSock for the protocol that a socket is bound to?

int WSAAPI HookedSend(SOCKET s, const char FAR * buf, int len, int flags)
  //if(s is UDP)
  //Drop according to QOS

    //Send TCP packets undisturbed
    return send(s, buf, len, flags);


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I think you could get the socket type by using getsockopt:

int optVal;
int optLen = sizeof(int);


if(optVal = SOCK_STREAM)
     printf("This is a TCP socket.\n");
else if(optVal = SOCK_DGRAM)
     printf("This is a UTP socket.\n");
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Found in getsockopt documentation that the option SO_BSP_STATE returns addres, port, and protocol. Thank you –  Ramon Zarazua Feb 4 '11 at 4:29

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