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Windows XP as base OS. Laptop has 4GB RAM and 2*2.2GHz cores. About 3 year old laptop

Am using Windows7 in VMWare Player. If I allocate more than 1GB of RAM to the Win7 machine in the VMWare player settings it goes so slow, and is continually swapping to disk.

I've turned off all Win7 processor intensive stuff.

The base OS only reports using aboiut 144MB of RAM to the player. Very weird.

I'm using 2 virtual disks: 20GB SCSI for c:\ and 25GB SCSI for data f:\

Problem: How to tweak Win7 VMware (ie VS2010, Sql2008R2) well on an older laptop. Or use something else?

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Am trying VirtualBox now instead of VMWare Player.. looking much more responsive so far. – Dave Mateer Feb 6 '11 at 23:20
Yep, VirtualBox works better for me. Top tip is to turn off screensaver power mode in Win7 as this crashed my vm. – Dave Mateer Feb 16 '11 at 23:51

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The problem is that by default vmware player uses file as memory. Read this for more info & fix

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