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I am calling WizardDialog dialog = new WizardDialog and a new window is opening with a help icon in the bottom button tray in extreme left corner. I don't need that button. How to remove that or is there any way to add help content to it.

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According to bug 330206:

To hide the "?" you need to call setHelpAvailable(false) on your WizardDialog.
If you don't control/create the dialog, you can add the following method to your wizard:

public void setContainer(IWizardContainer wizardContainer) {
    if (getContainer() instanceof TrayDialog)


To add Help, you can see the general idea in this thread, but take into account bug 3827:

if you are opening the wizard in a WizardDialog you create, you have to set help on the dialog's shell: ex.

WorkbenchHelp.setHelp(dialog.getShell(), new Object[]{IHelpContextIds.NEW_WIZARD});
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Thanks :) it worked. –  ABC Feb 4 '11 at 5:18
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