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I intend to implement an Organization Chart in my app and the best resource I found to display one was Google's Organisational Chart.

I'm using awesome_nested_set to maintain a tree structure in the database, and now I need to display the tree as an organization chart, for which I thought I could use the Google Org chart. Can it be done? If so, any tips or resources would be helpful. Thanks !

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+1 for pointing me at Gogle's Org Chart Api. –  René Nyffenegger Feb 4 '11 at 10:12

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So, I found this resource. Its called GoogleVisualR.

It makes visualizing Google's org chart really easy, what's more, you write Ruby code and not a line in Javascript (Unless ofcourse you need to customize it). Nice!

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I was working on an Org Chart where i get User-profiles from a list connected to the with manager field. I have used KineticJS to make a dynamic org chart and it is working fine for the moment, but i would like to know what others think about it

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