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I have 2 machines :

Developer machine(running the VS 2008): connected to network abc.lan & VPN xyz.lan

Remote machine(running the service): connected to VPN xyz.lan

On the developer machine, when I goto Debug->Attach to process->Browse(for Qualifier), only the machines which are on abc.lan are visible BUT NOT the remote machine which is connected only on VPN xyz.lan

Is there a way by which the remote machine could be visible across the domain ?

PS : In general, any guideline to do the same would be helpful.


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You cannot directly attach the remote machine process to debugger, if connected through VPN or Remote Desktop. Instead you can do the following if you have rights there

  1. Install WinDbg with symbols
  2. Use Reflector with Deblector
  3. Install VS on the same machine, access it through RDP or VPN and debug
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You can remote debug across domains, but you'll have to enter either the IP Address or the machine name in manually. There are some restrictions, such as needing to use a Local User account instead of a domain account. This MSDN article specifically details it out:


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