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I have class "Company" that having the property "Departments" as list (List).

Having fields:

Company : Company_Id,Company_Name,Company_Address,Company_Website.
Department:Department_Id, Department_Name,Company_Id,Department_Contact.

here table (in database) Company have one-many relationship with department , and i generate its .dbml file. in mvc application.

suppose i get serialize this/ used json , then what output should generated there?

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I would assume it would look something very similar to this:

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well, i think this should be. but how can i access then "Department" values in jquery ? – Red Swan Feb 4 '11 at 6:57
got it. var json = [{"Company_Id":0,"Company_Name":"Foo","Company_Address":"foo","Company_Website":‌​"foo","Department":[{"Department_Id":0,"Department_Name":"foo","Company_Id":0,"De‌​partment_Contact":"foo"}]}]; var cnt =json[0].Department.length;alert(json[0].Department[0].Department_Name); – Red Swan Feb 4 '11 at 7:22

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