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What is the difference between

RedirectPermanent and RewriteRule

i came across a code

RewriteRule ^coaching/([^/]+)/?$ search_result.php?categoryName=$1  [NC,L]

another setting is

RedirectPermanent "/coaching/Run to live"   http://www.example.com/coaching

The former rule breaks my setting i can't remove that too.

It makes the output like this


What should be added so that without changing first code i can acheive the result

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The RewriteRule directive comes from mod_rewrite, whereas the RedirectPermanent directive comes from mod_alias.

In this scenario, they don't play well together. The RedirectPermanent uses the original URL /coaching/Run to live, but sees the modified query string ?categoryName=Run%20to%20live created by your RewriteRule. While this is kind of unexpected, it's a gotcha of using mod_rewrite and mod_alias together in a per-directory (.htaccess) context.

Since you need mod_rewrite for your original RewriteRule anyway, the best option is to use a RewriteRule instead of RedirectPermanent for the second operation too. This would look something like this:

# Perform this redirect first
RewriteRule "^coaching/Run to live$" http://www.example.com/coaching [R=301,L]

RewriteRule ^coaching/([^/]+)/?$ search_result.php?categoryName=$1  [NC,L]
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The difference (under certain conditions) is that using RedirectPermanent the HTTP response is 301 (Permanent Redirect) - telling the browser/crawler that the page has moved in a permanent way... RewriteRule returns 302 (unless specified otherwise in the options) - and this means to the browser that this redirection is "temporary" and that at a future date this link will again serve the requested content.

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I would ad that Redirect & RedirectPermanent are apache instructions, from mod_alias I think, that can handle basic redirects, rewrite rule are mod_rewrite things, that can do the same job and more complex things as well. Usually people does'nt know they can do simple redirect rules without mod_rewrite. –  regilero Feb 5 '11 at 20:40

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