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I tried to access the rowObject in custom formatter function by column name but it didn't give any values. I have tried this with both JSON and XML data type .

Is there any way to get the column number by column name in jqgrid.

function Draw_Link ( cellvalue , options , rowObject )
  return "<a href='someurl.php?col_name="+rowobject.col_name+"'>"+cellvalue+"</a>";
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The column index for the column is the same as the index of the column in the colModel array before the jqGrid initialization (it is the same as in the input parameter colModel). If you use rownumbers:true, multiselect:true or subGrid:true additional columns will be addid to the grid as the first rows, so the column index which one has in the colModel array as the jqGrid parameter can be other as one have after the grid initialization. You can use for example this simple function to get the index

var getColumnSrcIndexByName = function(grid,columnName) {
    var cm = grid.jqGrid('getGridParam','colModel'),
        i=0, index=0, l=cm.length, cmName;
    while (i<l) {
        cmName = cm[i].name;
        if (cmName===columnName) {
            return index;
        } else if (cmName!=='rn' && cmName!=='cb' && cmName!=='subgrid') {
    return -1;
var index = getColumnSrcIndexByName($("#list"),'MyColumn');
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