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The Haskell SDL bindings export an enumerated type called SDLKey. The Enum instance is declared in a strange way though:

instance Enum SDLKey Word32 where
    fromEnum SDLK_UNKNOWN = 0
    fromEnum SDLK_FIRST = 0
    fromEnum SDLK_BACKSPACE = 8

SDLKey does not take any type parameters, how is this not a syntax error? Haskell reports that SDLKey is not an instance of Enum, so for what type are the Enum functions being defined? And, most importantly, given an SDLKey, how can I invoke the Enum functions on it?

Source code from hackage here: http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/SDL/0.6.2/doc/html/src/Graphics-UI-SDL-Keysym.html#SDLKey

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It is not an instance of Enum from the Prelude (see import Prelude hiding (Enum(..)) near the top of the file).

It is an instance of Enum from Graphics.UI.SDL.Utilities, which takes a second parameter:

class Enum a b | a -> b where
  succ :: a -> a
  pred :: a -> a
  toEnum :: b -> a
  fromEnum :: a -> b
  enumFromTo :: a -> a -> [a]

Compare to the definition from the Prelude:

class  Enum a   where
    succ                :: a -> a
    pred                :: a -> a
    toEnum              :: Int -> a
    fromEnum            :: a -> Int
    enumFrom            :: a -> [a]
    enumFromThen        :: a -> a -> [a]
    enumFromTo          :: a -> a -> [a]
    enumFromThenTo      :: a -> a -> a -> [a]
    -- comments and default definitions elided
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