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Django has removed their 0.96 version of the Django 0.96 Template documentation.

  1. Does anyone have a mirror (or copy of some sort)
  2. What version of Django Templates is Google AppEngine using (out of the box)
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I re-generated the documentation (seriously annoying, I had to check out just the right version of the repository) and futzed with them a bit.

I have published them as a courtesy to other App Engine developers: Enjoy.

To answer your other question, App Engine uses Django 0.96 templates out of the box. Django 1.1 is also installed on the App Engine servers, but not distributed with the SDK. You can enable that with use_library but make sure to install it locally, too.

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dude, you're a legend for uploading this. it's been far easier to use 0.96 than try and force my GAE app to use a more recent version of django. THANKS A MILLION! – HorseloverFat Jan 21 '13 at 10:47

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