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I've a code like this:

<select name="aa">

There is a way to stop opening select of all my form and make show only first select in this example only a?

Thanks in advance ciao h

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remove all other options with the :gt(0) filter (0) is the index like this:

 $("select[name='aa'] option:gt(0)").remove();

or disable them like this:

 $("select[name='aa'] option:gt(0)").attr("disabled", "disabled");

and select an item with the :eq(0) filter (0) is the index like this:

 $("select[name='aa'] option:eq(0)").attr("selected", "selected");

the reverse can be done with a :not filter:

$("select[name='aa'] :not(option:gt(0))").attr("disabled", "disabled");

or a :lt filter:

$("select[name='aa'] option:lt(1)").attr("disabled", "disabled");

just assign an empty string .attr("disabled", ""); or .attr("selected", ""); to remove an attribute setting.

fiddle here

to flip/flop values I think you need a second (hidden) select:

fiddle here

// hide items
var src = $("select[name='aa'] option:eq(0)");
var tar = $("select[name='ab']").hide();


//reshow items:
src = $("select[name='ab'] option:eq(0)");
tar = $("select[name='aa']")

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that seem solution but I can reverse it? thanks again! –  haltman Feb 4 '11 at 8:26
@haltman Maybe you could use hide() and show() instead of remove() –  Tx3 Feb 4 '11 at 8:34
IIRC some browsers (IE?) doesn't support hiding/showing options. –  RoToRa Feb 4 '11 at 8:43
@RoToRa, indeed ;)that is why you have to remove them, not hiding. –  Caspar Kleijne Feb 4 '11 at 8:44

you can do this:

$("select[name='aa']").val($("select[name='aa'] option:first").val());
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what? you mean choose the default option? Try using the selected attribute on the a option

<option selected>a</option>

or to make an option unselectable:

<option disabled>a</option>
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No I need a different thing, I need to block possibility to show b c, thanks you for answering. –  haltman Feb 4 '11 at 8:29

you could disable the ones that you don't want to be able to be selected or you could alter their css display like :

$('select[name="aa"] option').not(':first').css('display','none');

if you want to automatically set a "default" value and do not let anyone change it, you could set the value of the first one and then disable the whole select element so that nobody changes it:

    // set the value of the first option
    .val($('select[name="aa"] option:first').val())
    // disable the select element so that no one can alter it's value
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