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I need to show the current state of a workflow. For that purpose I have developed a programm which is rehosting the Workflow Designer and show my workflow. Ok - that was the easy part.

Next, I need to prevent any editing in the workflow. I found the following solution for that, which work perfect:

  var readOnlyState = WorkflowDesigner.Context.Items.GetValue<ReadOnlyState>();
  if (readOnlyState != null)
      readOnlyState.IsReadOnly = true;

But how do I visually trace my workflow? And I also need to enrich/augment all activities with additional meta information (like their current status or a count).

Has anyone an idea how I could insert an overlay or any other kind of visual element to show additional information for an activity?



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There is a sample VisualWorkflowTrackingWithStepService from Kushal Shah that should help you get started. Yoi can find the sample here.

This is another of Kushal's blog post you might want to take a look at,

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I think this is exactly what I am looking for.Thanks – George W78 Feb 4 '11 at 9:35

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