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maybe some of you use jpgraph to generate some charts. I want to change the private attribute ($errwidth) from an jpgraph-class ( ErrorPlot ). In most cases jpgraph provides an function to set all nessesary properties. But not in this case.

Here my try:

class ErrorPlot extends Plot { 
  // Original class
  private $errwidth=2; 

class SpecialErrorPlot extends ErrorPlot { 
  // "Extension" to modify the attribute
  function SetErrWidth( $w ){
    $this->errwidth = $w;

$chart_obj = new SpecialErrorPlot( array(1,2,3,4,5,6) );

SpecialErrorPlot Object (
  [errwidth:private] => 2
  [errwidth] => 10

The result: 2 attributes! Bad enough to get these 2 attributes, but i don't understand why!?!? i hope you can help me!


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you want protected not private.

protected function and variables can be modified by child classes whereas private functions and variables cannot be modified except by that class alone.

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You should look at Reflection - setAccessible()

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