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I'm trying to run the same query on several different contexts, but I always get the same result. This is an example xml:


So this is what I'm doing:

final XPath xpath = XPath.newInstance("//t");

List<Element> result = xpath.selectNodes(thisIsThePelement); 
// and I've debuged it, it really is the <p> element

And I always get both <t> elements in the result list. I need just the <t> inside the <p> I'm passing to the XPath object.

Any ideas would be of great help, thanks.

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You're using "//t" as your XPath expression, which means precisely "find all t elements in the document".

To only find the descendant t elements from the context node, use ".//t".

See the "abbreviated syntax" part of the XPath spec for more details.

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Can't thank you enough, thanks for not just saying "read this" :) It seems my xpath knowledge is not as much as it needs to be. –  Simeon Feb 4 '11 at 9:14

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