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I'm trying to use Checkstyle (this check) to raise a warning when a particular class is used as a type for static field. I'm doing it with this configuration and it doesn't work:

<module name="IllegalType"> <property name="format" value="myFullClassName"/> <property name="tokens" value="LITERAL_STATIC"/> </module>

The following configuration do work, but for all fields, not only static:

<module name="IllegalType"> <property name="format" value="myFullClassName"/> <property name="tokens" value="VARIABLE_DEF"/> </module>

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From the doc, it looks like tokens have to be a subset of PARAMETER_DEF, VARIABLE_DEF and METHOD_DEF.

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Thanks, Raghuram. Possibly I was seeking in the wrong direction. The following has worked for me, however I think that it is some way ugly.. <module name="Regexp"> <property name="illegalPattern" value="true"/> <property name="format" value="static myClassName*\s[A-Za-z]*\s|static final myClassName*\s[A-Za-z_]*\s"/> <property name="message" value="myClassName Objects must not be stored in static fields!"/> </module> – Ivan Sopov Feb 4 '11 at 13:37

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