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Hey, in CodeIgniter i have language folder inside my system and inside my application folder... when im trying to load a language file he trys to load vom the system/language folder

whats the matter of the application/language folder?

my first try was to put the stuff in there and not in the system folder.. this would make more sense in my eyes!?

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From the docs:

If the directory does not exist or the specified language is not located there CI will instead look in your global system/language folder.

File/folder structure is very important~

So your english language file must be called (eg) error_Lang.php inside application/language/english

Call it like so:

$this->lang->load('file', 'language');

I'd read up the docs, has everything you need

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ah ok... i just had a little typing mistake thats why he didnt found the language file in my application folder >_< thanks anyway for the answer :) –  soupdiver Feb 4 '11 at 10:03

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