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I've seen a long time ago a tip to easily add a silverlight project output to a sharepoint project. However I don't remember what was the tip.

My solution is like this :

  • MySolution
    • MySolution.SharePoint.WebPart project
    • MySolution.SharePoint.SL project

My goal is to build a webpart that renders the silverlight inclusion (with specific parameters, that's why I cannot use the OOB silverlight webpart).

In visual Studio, what is the easiest way to automatically include the silverligth project output in the webpart resources ?

thx steve

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answering myself.

the procedure is described here : Create a Silverlight 4 Web Part for SharePoint 2010.

The idea is to add a module in the SP project, and to setup the module to add the project output of the silverlight project.

thx anyelse

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