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We have several such id's in a certain file and some of them are identical and we would like to list all identical rows somehow. How should we do this?

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Could there be spaces around equal sign? –  user332325 Feb 4 '11 at 10:24

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cat yourFileWithTheLines | sort | uniq -d

shorter version:

sort -u yourFileWithTheLines

Thanks @pooh for figuring that out to me ;-)

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It's called sort -u btw:) –  user332325 Feb 4 '11 at 10:23

You should man uniq

sort file | uniq -d
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Alternatively you can load it into an SQLite table with an index.

./sqlite3 my_database.db
> CREATE TABLE lines(line TEXT);
> CREATE INDEX i_line ON lines (line ASC);
> -- @ is not in our file
> .separator @
> .import '/home/me/my_file.txt' lines
> .output '/home/me/my_duplicates.txt'
> SELECT line FROM lines GROUP BY line HAVING COUNT(*) > 1;
> .q

This way you still have your database and your index, querying it a second time for another thing could be more efficient than parseing it again with sort+uniq.

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