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Can you tell me a good code editor to develop GTK+ application (highlight syntax etc) for Ubuntu Linux. I use geyne editor, but I want some features, for instance, which is in VAssistsX (in Visual Studio for C++) or ReSharper for C#. May be use NetBeans? And may be install any plugins in geyne or gedit?

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You might try Anjuta since it is the official Gnome IDE

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thanks! I try Anjuta code editor – G-71 Feb 4 '11 at 11:24

I'm afraid there isn't any real substitute for any of the tools you mentioned or even Visual Studio as a whole and those who are supposed to substitute for some or part of their functionality are merely impostors, sort of to say, since they aren't even close.

You will most likely fall back to basic tools/ides like Anjuta,Geany, KDevelop or Vim in the end, after you've exhausted enough resources trying to find a substitute for Visual Studio for Linux. :-) Learning you way with standard command line developing tools will help you along the road though, even if it might seem hard.

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