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I need all my rendered pages conform to a specific template.

So I want to create a master page template in XSL. Initially i thought i shall make use of

flow-maps but however flowmaps are not supported by FOP (XSL 1.0). Kindly suggest an

alternative to create a master page template for my output files.


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what about implementing a preprocessing of the fo-files? So you have your master-template stored in a file. And then you have your fo-files with your custom page-masters containg a placeholder like $insertmasterhere$.

The preprocessing will insert the master-template in all custom page-masters. You could do it with java and String replace functions.

  1. yourfofile --preprocessing--> yourfofile2 --fop--> pdf

Greetings Johannes Perlet

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can u elaborate a little bit on this ...sounds interesting !! –  this-Me Feb 15 '11 at 13:33

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