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I'm having a problem getting started with compass/sass. I eventually managed to install compass, although I had to google around because the instructions on the compass website didn't work for me. Next step was to create a project. I thought this would be simple enough by typing:

$ compass create path/to/project --using blueprint/basic --sass-dir=sass --css-dir=css

Unfortunately, this didn't work. The first thing to fail was that it told me that --using was not a recognised command (even though that is exactly what it tells you to type in the compass installation instructions). So, I tried creating the project taking away all three of the additional options. This did create a project, although not in the place I specified. Rather than placing it in path/to/project it created the files and directories straight into my home folder ie /Users/me/

I must be doing something wrong, I can't believe that a tool designed to save time and make life easier could be so difficult to get up and running. I'm not great at using the command line, but I am able to follow instructions!

Any pointers would be appreciated!

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It sounds like your running compass v0.8, please upgrade to v0.10 and that command will work.

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This has always bothered me: 0.1 == 0.10 but v0.1 != v0.10. – user142019 Feb 4 '11 at 16:49
yep, seems to have done the trick. Thanks! I don't know if it makes a difference, but on the compass website the installation instructions say to type: gem install compass . This didn't work for me. Instead I used sudo install compass . As someone who doesn't really understand the command line and is reliant on instructions I thought I'd mention it! – musoNic80 Feb 4 '11 at 18:08

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