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I have a very simple little Django 1.2 site, used to keep track of WEP keys cracked by students as a part of a lab, but I have run into a problem I can not figure out where it is: I have a template that lists solutions from the database, but it only lists 15 objects, even when there are many more (over 60) in the database table.

The view:

def index(request, message=None):
    cracks_list = Crack.objects.all().order_by('-time')
    return render_to_response('wifi/templates/index.html', {'cracks_list': cracks_list}, context_instance=RequestContext(request))

And the associated template:

{% if message %}<p><strong>{{ message }}</strong></p>{% endif %}
{% if cracks_list %}
     <table border="1">

    {% for crack in cracks_list %}
    {% endfor %}

{% else %}
    <p>No solution posted yet.</p>
{% endif %}

It seems very strange to me if I can not pass more than 15 objects to the template. And as far as I can tell there is nothing strange in the database. Any ideas? I assume it is something small and silly...

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Do you want to list more than 15 objects in crack_list or some other object? –  VGE Feb 4 '11 at 11:03

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Check your template input before ! If this is cracks_list print it. It will help debug !

def index(request, message=None):
    cracks_list = Crack.objects.all().order_by('-time')
    for  i in cracks_list:
       print i
    return render_to_response('wifi/templates/index.html', {'cracks_list': cracks_list}, context_instance=RequestContext(request))
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Thanks for the debugging tip. It turns out that adding this code (and removing it) solved the problem. I still have no idea why it happened, but atleast things works as expected now. –  pehrs Feb 4 '11 at 11:29
Very strange. Try also crack_list = Crack.objects.order_by('-time').all() –  VGE Feb 4 '11 at 16:09

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