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Often I've been requested to take part in design reviews. I see many developers state something like "RPC/file will be modified to send the correct data to GUI front end" under Design Strategy in their software design docments. I think they should clearly state that background of the problem and how they are going to resolve it.

Any advice on what are all key parameter should be mentioned in the design strategy?

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The following is a list taken from Practical Software Requirements

  1. Administrative Requirements
  2. Data-model additions
  3. Document information
  4. Event Responses
  5. File Formats (internally visible only)
  6. Installation Procedures
  7. Invariants
  8. Operating Procedures
  9. Overview
  10. Preferences
  11. Protocols
  12. Screens
  13. Shared states, such as shared memory

This list is intended to be a comprehensive list - not all items will apply to all projects.

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