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To debug chromium using gdb (LinuxDebugging) one can use

chromium --renderer-cmd-prefix="gdb --args"


chromium --plugin-launcher="gdb --args"

Chromium then launches debugger with "gdb --args" and pass command line specifying how to launch that process. Then I can use gdb from command line as normally.

How can I achieve the same scenario in Eclipse?

By using non-stop mode I can debug chrome as usual. But since renderer and plugins are running out of process, I can't track them.

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The only solution I've found is "attach to process" approach.

Update: seems like Eclipse Indigo (gdb 7.2) supports multiprocess debugging. Didn't try it yet.

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Eclipse can be used on Linux as an IDE for developing Chromium. This is from official google link:


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This guide lacks information on how to debug Chromium itself. After the release of gdb with multiprocess debugging this question has become pointless. –  Vanuan Feb 21 '12 at 10:25

I don't recall anyone on the Chromium uses Eclipse with Chrome for debugging. With that technique, you can only use gdb.

Eclipse is not a supported environment, if you can support it, it would be super :)

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Use Qtcreator to debug chrome on linux, you need to just attach the process.

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Yes, I've already posted such answer. It works regardless IDE. Besides, I've asked about Eclipse solution. –  Vanuan Nov 28 '11 at 8:34

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