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I've got a table which contains a column named size.

I want with a min function to find the min value of size and a set of integer.

For example : Size can be : 5, 10, 15 And I want to find the min result in a set like : MIN(size,1)

Min method does not seem to have several parameters...

I've tried something like:

SELECT min(1, size) FROM myTable
SELECT min(SELECT 1,size FROM myTable) FROM myTable

There is error for each of these syntax. I precise that I can't do the comparison in my code because the sql is generated and can be something more complex like:

SELECT min(SELECT size FROM table1, SELECT size FROM table2, 10)
FROM table3

Any idea ?

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You can use least to find the minimum across columns/expressions and min to find the minimum across rows.

SELECT min(least(1, size)) FROM myTable

Or this would probably be more efficient actually

SELECT least(1,min(size)) FROM myTable
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exactly what I want, thanks a lot ! –  Jerome Cance Feb 4 '11 at 12:15

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