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can anyone point me to a free and open source library for a (wireless sensor) network simulation?

Also, I am not familiar with the concept of using C/C++ for these purposes (network simulation), until now I have been dealing with C/C++ only on the uni level, writing generic programs. Could anyone recommends some good literature/webpage to start with?

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you're looking for ns2 –  Mike Pennington Sep 29 '12 at 12:04

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There's basically three options:

  • Use TinyOS to develop your sensor network application; TinyOS allows you to develop the application in a c-dialect (nesC) and to transparently compile it into a simulation environment (TOSSIM). I would try this first.

    • Use TinyOS, but use a hardware simulator (like Cooja). This is important if your WSN app makes deep use of the mote hardware (e.g. a t-mote sky)

    • Use a simulator like ns-3 or OMNet++ to model your stuff - OMNet as far as I know has a 802.15.4 model...

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for simulation of WSNs, I suggest to look into OMNET++ with the INETMANET framework. It contains 802.15.4. But currently 6lowpan model is not available –  tobias Jul 1 '11 at 9:08

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