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I want to load AlphaSkin's Imagelist from resource. Commonly I know, how to load a normal bitmap, and use in my application. But there is not help, how to load a prev. stored PNG image into alphaskin imagelist.

The imagelist supports only: Add(Bitmap...)

methods, but there is no way to load PNG image directly.

I found this function:


But I don't know, how this working.

May you can know more about this. The general question: how to compile PNG images into the res file to I can get them into Alpha imagelist.

Thanks for your help: dd

So: the question have three parts.

I have a PNG icon library, and I want to create resources from some icons. For example: The AlphaSkin Button have ImageList property, and I can set the glyph from here. I want to make my own button, that have my own kinds, with hungarian captions, icons, and mr* kind (mrOk). For this I need to store the icons.

1.) How to store PNG to AlphaSkin CAN read it? I know that RCDATA can hold ANY files, so I can compile them into res file.

2.) How to I read this previously stored PNG resource?

3.) I tested this AddImageFromRes function, but I got interesting bugs. May I do something wrong, or my I need to set something I missed before. May I need to convert PNG files to "ico"? Is this a possible solution? Some example can help us...

Thanks for your help: dd

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Are you asking how to store a PNG as a resource, or are you asking how to load a PNG from a resource? Those are two completely different questions. – Rob Kennedy Feb 4 '11 at 15:49
I corrected the question. Thanks: dd – durumdara Feb 7 '11 at 8:10
Hi! That was an AS bug. Sorry. dd – durumdara Feb 28 '11 at 9:30

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This was an AlphaSkin bug. Sorry.


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