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Here is my problem: I can't find any document on cross domain authentication with java+kerberos. I have to authenticate against distant LDAP on other realm. How can we do that in java?

Thank you


Here is my krb5.conf:


default_realm = REALM1

dns_lookup_realm = false

dns_lookup_kdc = false

forwardable = true


REALM1 = {

kdc = kerberos.my.url.domain1:88

admin_server = kerberos.my.url.domain1:749

default_domain = .


REALM2 = {

kdc = kerberos.my.url.domain2:88

admin_server = kerberos.my.url.domain2:749



.my.url.domain1 = REALM1

.my.url.domain2 = REALM2

Cross-realm works in command line when I execute on domain1

ldapsearch -H "ldap:/my.url.domain2"

so I suppose my krb5.conf is good

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Authenticating against an LDAP is not the same as authenticating with Kerberos.
Could you give some more backgroung on what it is you need to accomplish. For example:

  • are you writing client code that needs to respond to a Kerberos authentication chalenge?
  • does your code need to validate a user + password against an LDAP?
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Thank you Opher for your answer. I meant I have to retrieve a ticket from distant KDC, located on REALM2, in order to access to LDAP also located on REALM2. I can authenticate on REALM1 to access to local REALM1 LDAP but don't manage to do cross-domain authentication! –  BigMac Feb 8 '11 at 13:39
can you post your keytab and krb5.conf/ini files, changing names and IPs as needed :) –  Opher Feb 9 '11 at 8:09
I edited my post. Currently I use Jaas+Jndi in order to contact local LDAP. If I change the LDAP url to "ldap:/my.url.domain2" it doesn't work. I suppose I have to tell Jaas to use forwarded ticket in order to retrieve cross ticket krbtgt/REALM2@REALM1 and then use it to contact LDAP on domain2. But I don't know how I can do that. Thank you Opher. –  BigMac Feb 9 '11 at 16:15

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