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i need to access /etc through script command in ubuntu. for example, home is ${user.home} and tomcat home is ${catalina.home}, if i wanted to access /etc what should it be? also if i wanted to access a custom folder under /etc, how should i do it? do i have to set up an environment variable to access it?

thanks in advance....

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No need to use a variable, just use "/etc". All *nix systems have it, it's pretty much guaranteed to exist.

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there are cases where you need this variable, specially some libraries, if this is not mentioned, would start from their own directory, rather than the needed way. – Ikthiander Feb 4 '11 at 15:11

I would declare another variable ${xxxservice.etc} because you never know when someone (or some distribution group) will have moved your configuration (etc) directory to some other location other then "/etc".

My 2 cents.

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