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i've built a com component which utilizes libxml2 python bindings , the build is successfull but when i try to register the component i get "specified module could not be found , unable to load python dll" this is the error i get when the component is built using the bundle files option set as 1 if i build the component with bundle files set as 3 ,then i get a different error saying that the component was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer Failed with error code 80040201

if the libxml2 import is removed all works fine.

any help wold be simply great.


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A bit offtopic, but is there any specific you didn't try users.skynet.be/sbi/libxml-python? –  OneOfOne Feb 4 '11 at 14:41

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Most likely, regsvr32.exe which registers you COM component couldn't find a DLL that your COM component needs.

I'm not familiar with Python COM components but is there some way you can run depends.exe on it? This is the usual way to track down binary dependency problems.

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i have done that but that's of no use as depends show nothing missing. –  tristan625 Feb 5 '11 at 2:31
@tristan625: Have you used depends to 'profile' the registration rather than simply using it to analyse your DLL? To do this you must open regsvr32.exe, rather than your DLL, with depends, then choose Profile from one of the menus. You'll need to give it the command line arguments you would normally use to register your DLL. Then it will monitor regsvr32 as it runs and tries to register you COM component. This will show you what's really missing. –  thehouse Feb 5 '11 at 11:26

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