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can someone tell me the regular expression which will check if value is 0.0 or 00.00 and that it is a positive value.

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This should work:


0        -> true
.0       -> true
.000     -> true
.001     -> false
.01      -> false
1.0000   -> false
0.000000 -> true
1.1100   -> false

Note: this regex assumes there are no constructs like +0.00; if you need something like that, use this: /^\+?0*(\.0+)$?/. Also, if you ask me, you should the parseFloat(str) === 0.0 equivalent for your language.

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should do the trick.

(I know 0's can't be positive or negative, but I feel it's good to check for a positive sign just in case)

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does not work on 0 –  Gabi Purcaru Feb 4 '11 at 18:09
It accepted 00.001 too. I edited. –  ryebr3ad Feb 4 '11 at 20:01

This will match exactly 0.0 and 00.00 as requested. But it's a good idea to check on an undefined amount of zero's as described in other answers.

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Good thing there's an infinite amount of ways to express 0, eh? :) –  ryebr3ad Feb 4 '11 at 15:26

Can't really say this is any better than what's already presented, but it's a different approach:

 $r = "^[^-0.]"
 "0.0" -notmatch $r
 "00.00" -notmatch $r
 "-1" -notmatch $r
 "1" -notmatch $r

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