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This might be a simple question, but I cannot find any Oracle resources in the User Guide for Oracle Data Modeler on how to create a trigger (other than its definition in the Data Flow section of the manual)

Imagine for a moment:
I have a table in the relational model and I've created a sequence for it through the physical model using Oracle Database 11g.

  • GROUP (table with id and name columns)
  • GROUP_SEQ (sequence that increments by 1 starts with 1)

Now I'm trying to create a trigger through the modeler to auto-increment the id. I can do this through manually writing the SQL after generating the DDL, but in actuality, I have around 22 tables. I'd very much like to do this through the Oracle Data Modeler.

Any solutions?

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Have you tried the suggestions in this post?

open physical model, find "tables" node (in physical model) in the browser and you'll find triggers branch under each table represented in the browser - you can create triggers there using pop-up menu.

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And how can I manage this for all tables? I don't want to add the same trigger for each table step by step... – derroman Nov 1 '11 at 12:04

In Relational Model open properties for a table, next Columns, open properties for column you want to autoincrement, select Auto Increment and check mark Generate Trigger. Sequence will be generated also if not specified on last screen.

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